Conference and Workshop

The following conferences and workshops were organized during the joint research: between April 2010 and March 2013.

The 10th meeting

[Room 301]

Session 1 Migrant Workers and Trans-border Intimacy
Session 2 Trans-border Marriage: Narratives and Gap
Session 3 Marriage Migrants: Integration, Assimilation or Something Else?

[Room 401]

Session 1 Trans-border Marriage and the Issue of Legal Status: Citizenship and Nationality
Session 2 Trans-border Marriage, Divorce and Children
Session 3 Trans-border Intimacy and 'Return' Migration of Children

The 9th meeting

The 8th meeting

The 7th meeting

The 6th meeting

The 5th meeting

The 4th meeting: Report (Japanese) (237KB)

The 3rd meeting: Report (Japanese) (217KB)

The 2nd meeting: Report (Japanese) (231KB)

The 1st meeting: Report (Japanese) (162KB)